Below are some resources we would like to share with you that we have found beneficial! This doesn't mean we affirm every aspect of everything we have referenced, but we have found them to be helpful and hope they encourage you too.  Keep in mind—no book, blog post, or sermon should replace the word of God.  All humans are subject to error, so be sure to use these as a supplement to the Bible, not a substitute.  

Lent Resources

This Lenten season, we invite you to join us in reading the Gospel of John along with 'Journey Through Lent: The Gospel of John', a 40-day devotional written by two of our pastors at Park. This devotional is a commentary designed to dig deeper into our daily readings and provide more understanding of our passages in John.

Journey Through Lent: The Gospel of John

General Resources

Family Resources

Topical Resources

Grief Resources

Small Group Resources